Company Profile

At MaxPower, you'll experience a partnership of maximum value. We offer resellers the highest quality of power protection and critical infrastructure solutions, including Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPSs), power distribution, and modular air conditioning for IT and server room applications. With our premium products, you'll also experience maximum ease-of-business as a result of exceptional product availability, unparalleled customer service, extremely attractive pricing discounts, and customized sales and marketing support to help grow your business.

You can trust MaxPower to meet all of your critical power and infrastructure needs. With nearly 20 years of industry experience, MaxPower ensures that you get maximum results. If you are an end-user interested in purchasing a UPS battery backup system, track busway power distribution or modular air conditioning, please use our Reseller Locator tool.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our reseller partners with premium products and services that consistently meet or exceed their requirements for quality, timeliness and availability, while anticipating the future needs of our partners and their customers.


If you're accustomed to being little more than a customer number in your UPS distributor's ordering system, then you're in for a pleasant surprise at MaxPower. We offer aggressive pricing along with a variety of other incentives and personal touches you won't find elsewhere. MaxPower is more than a distribution house—it's a single source for all of your critical power and infrastructure solutions.


At MaxPower, we consider you our customer—not your end users. As such, we sell only to resellers and will never contact your customers for any reason. In fact, they don't even have to know who we are. When we drop-ship products directly to end user locations, we can use your company's packing and shipping labels so the order appears to have come directly from you.

Product & Technical Support

Need help sizing a UPS or selecting the right product? Our knowledgeable Customer Support Center team is ready to provide configuration assistance and technical support for all of your product needs— from pre-sales planning to post-sales support.

Have a product or configuration question? Email our Customer Support Team or call (800) 576-3966.


As an added bonus, all end-user leads that come through MaxPower are passed directly to our resellers.

Customized Marketing Support

From customizing mailers and data sheets with your company's contact information to helping you update your website with new product information, MaxPower's marketing team provides support and direction to help you grow your business.