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Smart Power TBF

The Smart Power TBF series is a Transformer Based Power Filter, a new technology in Power Conditioning and the most effective solution to power quality problems. This is a device used between the electrical outlet and any electronic equipment, such as a computer, telecommunications or medical, copier, fax, cash register and laser printer. The TBF filter conditions the power and protects the connected electronic equipment against lightning, EMI and RFI noise, low voltage and high voltage spikes and transients.

For common mode noise filtration, it uses a differential transformer, which performs as a series inductor along with the capacitor between neutral and ground. Normally, the larger the capacitor used between neutral and ground, the greater the filtration of the output voltage of a spike or noise will become.

Applications Include
  • Smart Power TBF by itself – for applications where outage protection is not required or to upgrade UPS protection
  • For Input to Online UPS – adds additional surge and Common Mode noise filtering for noisy electrical environments
  • For 120V UPS with removable power cords – it is recommended to replace the Standard UPS Input power cord with a 10A Filter with IEC output
  • For 120V UPS with fixed input cord – the UPS can be plugged in to the 5-15R receptacle on the SmartPower unit
  • For 208/230V UPS – use the 15A or 20A Smart Power units with 6-15P or 6-20P plug and receptacle
  • For Input to Line Interactive and Standby UPS – the smart power filter upgrades the capability of the UPS to include Noise Filtering and improved surge suppression
  • For Input to XBDM – provides surge and noise filtering during both bypass and normal modes of operation