Xtreme Power Conversion (XBDM)

When your computer system can't be without power—even for UPS maintenance or repair—an Xtreme Bypass Distribution Module (XBDM) ensures continuous uptime. XBDM allows you to manually transfer critical loads from UPS power to utility power using a bypass switch, enabling UPS repair or replacement without power interruption. Transferring back to protected UPS power is just as easy—just return the bypass switch to the UPS position. XBDM offers a whole new level of reliability and support for your power distribution needs by helping you prevent downtime and power-related service interruptions.

  • XBDM works with virtually any brand of UPS.
  • Replace or service the UPS while maintaining power to critical loads.
  • Easily Installed – UPS and utility power are both connected to the XBDM with supplied cords.
  • Simple to Operate – LED indicators verify availability of UPS and Utility sources, confirming that power is available before critical loads are transferred.
  • Surge Protection – Loads are surge protected even when UPS is in Bypass mode. UPS electronics are protected during normal operation.
  • Flexible Mounting – Mounts at the front or rear of a 19" rack, vertically or horizontally.

Individually fused surge suppression components.