Methode Active Energy AC6000 UPS

Lithium-ion technology is changing the game.

With lithium-ion technology, the days of changing and disposing of old, heavy lead-acid batteries are over. Automotive-grade, lithium-ion delivers greater efficiency in UPS energy density and battery life while providing a much smaller footprint within the data cabinet.

The Active Energy AC6000 is the first line-interactive UPS designed to both protect IT equipment from power outages and to supplement the AC grid during peak energy consumption. The UPS operates with an input and output of 208 V or 240 V AC, supporting equipment drawing up to 6kW. The AC6000's power-dense 2U form factor also contains highly efficient power electronics with a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery pack and management system. We believe it's the last UPS you'll ever need and it's made in the USA.

  • 6kW of Lithium-ion Power
  • Fast Recharge
  • Maintenance Free/Service Free
  • Compact Design
  • Advanced Battery Management
  • Larger Operating Temperature
  • Peak Shave Capability
  • Smart Communication
  • Cost of Ownership