Xtreme Power Conversion XVT Series

The Xtreme Value Tower Series (XVT) UPSs provides the ideal power protection solution for servers, VOIP equipment, business telephone systems, desktops and other network grade equipment. The XVT Series is comprised of four models: 600 VA, 800 VA, 1200 VA, and 1500 VA.

Xtreme Value is achieved by providing features commonly available in UPSs of twice the cost, or more. Thus, these feature rich, line interactive, network grade UPSs are provided at prices commonly seen in standby UPSs. Xtreme features, Xtreme Reliability and more VA for the money make the XVT Series the best choice in network power protection.

The features and benefits include:
  • Best cost to performance ratio in four optimized sizes (600VA, 800VA, 1200VA & 1500VA)
  • Line Interactive Topology
    Provides premium Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) to protect sensitive equipment
  • Longer Runtimes than competitive models
    Provides power during longer outages
  • User Replaceable batteries
    Simplified design allows users to quickly replace batteries when needed
  • USB Communications
    Allows "plug & play" communications between servers, desktops and the UPS
  • Software CD
    Compatible with major operating systems including Windows Vista
  • Outstanding Warranty
    Xtreme Power stands behind the XVT line with a two year electronics warranty
  • Quieter Operation
    Allows businesses to place the UPS' virtually anywhere without worrying about disruption
  • More Outlets
    Provides Greater Flexibility via three battery protected outlets and three surge protected outlets
  • Xtreme Pricing
    The industry's most competitive pricing for this feature set and associated runtimes
  • Prolonged Battery Life
    Wide operating voltage range requires that the UPS requires less power from the batteries less frequently, therefore extending battery life and lowering the "Total Cost of Ownership"