Gamatronic Power+ M100

The Gamatronic Power+ M100 is a parallel redundant modular UPS capable of scaling from 10kVA to 100kVA. Comprised of one to ten 10kVA/8kW UPS modules, as well as a system controller, a 100kVA static switch, and a distribution block, the system easily grows with your requirements.

The Power+ M100 is a true online UPS with its batteries galvanically connected directly between the rectifier output and the inverter input on a common DC link. Other UPSs connect the batteries via a switch, making the system vulnerable to failure during transfer to backup, as the control system must detect the power outage and initiate the switch from AC input source to battery. The Power+ M100's system controller provides advanced management and control functions including internet, RS232, TCP/IP, and SNMP communication. The high-speed microprocessor based controller uses a unique algorithm that keeps the phase and amplitude of all UPS modules synchronized and identical. System operation is not affected if the controller is removed or inoperable. The load is distributed equally between modules using the Gamatronic Power+ M100 Active Current Sharing at the Input, Output, and DC bus and enhanced system reliability is provided by the central static switch. The system can also be configured as a single-phase UPS (120/208 or 120/240 VAC).