TX90 Isolated Online UPS

Online UPS with isolation transformer for complete power protection

Equipment that is impacted by poor power can result in downtime, inaccurate test results, and increased service costs. TX90 provides reliable galvanically isolated power to critical equipment. Output voltages can be selected from the TX90 LCD display 100V to 120V or TX90i from 200V to 240V. TX90 worldwide input feature allows connection to just about any power source – voltages from 88V to 288V (up to 3kVA) and frequencies from 40Hz to 70Hz.

  • One UPS supports worldwide applications. TX90 accepts input power from 88-288VAC and 40-70Hz
  • Isolation transformer eliminates common mode noise and the need to install expensive dedicated circuits
  • TX90 provide common mode noise isolation and ensures a clean signal reference ground
  • ECO mode for higher efficiency and energy savings
  • Multiple communications capability is available through RS-232 and optional USB, Web/SNMP, Modbus, AS400/dry contact cards
  • Smart battery charger is designed for optimizing battery performance
  • LCD display offers vitals monitoring and precise information from the front panel