Mitsubishi DiamondPlus 1100A and 1100B

Modular three-phase UPS with efficiencies that exceed 93%

The DiamondPlus 1100A and 1100B are the newest generation UPS systems offered by Mitsubishi. With efficiencies over 93%, a high 0.9 output power factor, and lightweight, compact design, the 1100A and 1100B are a smart choice for energy conscious users. The DiamondPlus 1100 offers a reduced cost of ownership because it helps protect data and equipment while minimizing the downtime that may arise due to common power irregularities or failures.

Designed with serviceability in mind, its power and battery modules are hot swappable for maximum flexibility and rapid mean-time-to repair (MTTR). Upgradeable in 10kVA increments, both the 1100A (10-50kVA) and 1100B (50-80kVA) can be arranged in an N + 1 configurations to easily boost reliability. As a true on-line three phase double conversion UPS system, customers can be assured that their needs are met for back-up power. With reliable back-up power in place, our customers can have complete piece of mind.

  • 0.9 output power factor – delivers more actual power to the load
  • Fully digital screens and front access allows for easy monitoring and faster repair
  • Available in 20kVA models and above – can be operated as a capacity system or as N+1 redundant system
  • Hot swappable power and battery modules – simple battery replacement without disruption to the load
  • Internal batteries – available on 10kVA and 20kVA models
  • Front access and cable entrance on bottom, side and rear – enables faster repair times
  • Optional accessory cabinets – provide 480V input/output, maintenance bypass and output distribution
    Product snapshot
  • Three-phase, 1100A (10-50kVA) and 1100B (50-80kVA)
  • 0.9 output power factor
  • > 93% efficiency
  • Input & Output: 208/120V
  • Two (2) year parts and battery warranty
  • UL 1778 listed

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