R90 Online Rack UPS

Reduce power consumption and increase end to end efficiency with this powerful three-phase rack UPS

Designed for high density critical loads, the R90 is a three-phase 20kVA/18kW UPS that delivers power protection in a small form factor to maximize rack space. Single module R90 can be configured for online or ECO mode operation.

  • Compact UPS module occupies just 3U of rack space
  • Up to ten R90 units can be paralleled for N+1 redundancy for capacity up to 200kVA/180kW
  • Scalable up to eight EBP32 battery packs can be paralleled for longer runtimes
  • Advanced LCD display enables power metering for individual phases and system summary
  • Smart charger with programmable boost/float or both
  • Multiple communications capability is available through RS-232, USB and Web/SNMP
  • 20kVA/18kW of protection and backup power in just 6U of rack space
  • ECO mode allows for 98% efficient operation and lowers energy consumption
  • Multiple input/output voltages for configuration flexibility
Product snapshot
  • High output power factor of 0.9
  • Parallel for capacity or redundancy
  • Voltage can be configured in 415/240V, 400/230V, or 380/220V
  • 50Hz or 60Hz operation
  • Online double conversion or ECO mode operation
  • 3 years (US), 2 years (EMEA) electronics warranty