Xtreme Power Conversion XPRT Series
(6 and 10 kVA)

Both the XPRT-6kVA model (4U) and theXPRT-10kVA (6U) are the smallest available solutions including hot-swappable internal batteries, automatic bypass, integrated maintenance bypass, and dual-voltage output.XPRT dual-inverter design provides simultaneous output voltages of 240/120V, 208/120V, 230/115V, 220/110V, or 200/100V without the need for transformers - saving space, weight, and power.

XPRT- 6kVA is available in two configurations:
Hardwire model provides terminal blocks for hardwired Input and output connections.
Plug and receptacle model provides an L14-30P input cord with output receptacles.

The XPRT-10kVA features hardwired input and output terminals. Optional output receptacle module is available. XPRT-10kVA includes one internal power module and two internal battery modules. The chassis contains a bypass switch allowing all modules to be removed without powering down the connected load. Up to threeXPRT-10kVA systems can be paralleled for capacity or n+1 redundancy. 3 Year Warranty on all UPS Electronics Optional service plans to 5 years are available. Modular Battery Packs are available for Extended Battery Runtimes. Dual-Voltage Output: 240/120V, 208/120V, 230/115V, or 200/100V. Internal Maintenance Bypass allows UPS electronics and battery to be serviced or replaced without interruption to critical loads.

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