Powerware® 9355 (10–90 kVA)

Delivering maximum power density in a compact tower design, the Powerware® 9355 Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) provides more real wattage in less space — protecting additional equipment at a reduced cost while also leaving room for expansion.

Available in 10 kVA, 15 kVA, 20 kVA and 30kVA models, the PW9355 can be scaled up using Powerware's Hot Sync paralleling technology, allowing up to four models to be paralleled for either capacity or redundancy. Thus, a 15 kVA UPS can grow to support a load of up to 45 kVA, and a 30kVA can grow to support a capacity of 90kVA.

Ideal protection for mission-critical data centers, as well as communications and electrical engineering infrastructures in corporate, telecom, health care, banking and industrial applications

Double-conversion, online design provides highest level of protection available

Delivers maximum power density in a compact tower design of only 12 inches wide and 33 inches deep including batteries (10kVA and 15kVA); 20 inches wide and 34 inches deep (20kVA and 30kVA)

Provides more real wattage in less space with 0.9 output power factor — protecting more equipment and leaving more room for expansion

Provides .99 power factor and generator-friendly <5% total harmonic distortion using an active IGBT rectifier to control the input power factor

Significantly increases battery life through microprocessor-control ABM® technology

Virtually plug-and-play, as units may be ordered with a choice of 17 types of output receptacles. To change or move equipment, customers need only unplug from the previous receptacles, plug in a new one, and reconnect the equipment --- without the need for an electrician to run new conduits or wiring.

Matching External Battery Modules (EBMs) available to extend runtimes